Steps to Sponsorship

  1. Establish business goal of sponsorship.
  2. Determine sponsorship budget.
  3. Review sponsor levels and benefits brochure or detailed informational sheets.
  4. Select opportunity/opportunities of interest.
  5. Contact Vicki Osman at vosman@buses.org with your selection(s). She will confirm availability and send contract.
  6. Review and sign contract and submit with logo.
  7. Visit sponsor page for current sponsor information for pre-MKPL and onsite.
  8. Measure your ROI.


All travel and tour product suppliers (DMOs,hoteliers, attractions, etc.) are eligible to sponsor at ABA’s Marketplace. 


Sponsor LevelSponsorshipInvestmentStatus
PrincipalAll-Delegate Lunch$60,000 + Cost of AVSunday: Sold
Monday: Sold
Tuesday: Sold
PrincipalOperator Only Breakfast$50,000Sunday: Sold
Monday: Sold
Tuesday: Sold
PrincipalBuyer Booth Electric$20,000Available
PrincipalConcourse Overlook Banner$20,000NEW! 1 Available
PrincipalNetworking Lounge Area$20,000Sold
PrincipalOperator Booth Signs$20,000Sold
PrincipalRegistration Kiosks$20,000Contracted
PrincipalEscalator Branding from Level 3 to Level 3M$18,500NEW! 1 Available
PrincipalConvention Center Wi-Fi$15,000Sold
PrincipalEscalator Branding from Level 2 to Level 3$15,000Sold
PrincipalHand Sanitizer Stations$15,000Available
PrincipalHotel Key Cards$15,000Sold
PrincipalSuper Floor Lounge$15,000Available
ChampionBusiness Floor Aisle Stickers$10,000Sold
ChampionBusiness Floor Charging Stations$8,500Sold
ChampionDigital Signage: Level 4 LED Wall$8,500NEW! 1 Available
ChampionMarketplace Monthly e-Newsletter Series$8,500Sold
ChampionMarketplace Service Center$8,500Sold
ChampionMarketplace Online Registration$8,500Available
ChampionMarketplace Passport$8,500Sold
ChampionYear-Round Webinar Series$8,500Sold
ChampionColumn Wrapping in Exhibit Hall Concourse$7,500NEW! 4 Available
ChampionDigital Signage: Level 2 LED Wall$7,500Sold
ChampionDigital Signage: Level 3 Exhibit Hall Dormer$7,500NEW! 1 Available
ChampionExhibit Hall Concourse Banner$7,500Sold
ChampionEscalator Branding from Level 3M to Level 4$7,500NEW! 1 Available
ChampionStaffed Coat Check$7,500Sold
ChampionBusiness Floor Worktables & Stools$6,500Sold
ChampionColumn Wrapping in Level 2$6,500NEW! 1 Available
1 Sold
ChampionHeadshot Booth$6,500Available
ChampionNetworking Floor Reception$6,500Sold
ChampionOperator Appointment Booklet Advertising$6,500Sold
ChampionOperator Shipping Boxes$6,500Sold
ChampionABA Board of Directors Breakfast$5,500Sold
ChampionBusiness Floor Refreshments$5,500 + Cost of BeveragesSold
ChampionDigital Signage: Level 2 4-Panel Video Wall$5,500NEW! 1 Available
ChampionDirectory of Participants Advertising$5,500Available
ChampionFloor Lounge$5,500Available
ChampionFoundation Afterglow$5,500Sold
ChampionOperator Reception$5,500 + Cost of ReceptionSold
ChampionRegistration Bags$5,500 + Cost of BagsSold
ContributorAppointment Clock Logo$4,500Sold
ContributorEducation Speaker$4,500Available
ContributorDaily Education Refreshments$4,500 per DaySaturday: Sold
Sunday: Sold
Monday: Sold
Tuesday: On Hold
ContributorMarketplace App Logo$4,500Sold
ContributorBusiness Floor Recovery Station$3,500 + Cost of ItemsSold
ContributorDigital Photo Screen Display$3,500 per SideSide 1: Sold
Side 2: Sold
ContributorDigital Signage: Wayfinding Pods$3,500Sold
ContributorEducation Bites Screen Display$3,500Sold
ContributorOperator Chair Pads$3,500 + Cost of PadsSold
ContributorOperator Gift$3,500 + Cost of GiftsAvailable
ContributorOperator Profile Binder$3,500 + Cost of BindersSold
ContributorRegistration Badges$3,500Sold
ContributorRestroom Branding$3,500 + Cost of ItemsSold
SupporterDigital Signage: Level 4 65″ Displays$1,500NEW! 2 Available
SupporterOperator Gift$1,500 + Cost of GiftsAvailable
SupporterVolunteer Prizes$500Sold

Exhibit Space

Travel Industry organizations who wish to have exhibit space on the Marketplace Networking Floor selling group travel and tour products will need to purchase a sponsorship at one of the following levels: Principal, Champion, Contributor.  Sponsors are responsible for their own furnishings and carpeting.

Sponsorship Sales Contact

Email vosman@buses.org.