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ABA education is instrumental to your business success.  Sessions will focus on the most critical and relevant topics impacting the motorcoach & group travel industry and your organization.  Learn about trends and solutions for common challenges in 50+ valuable learning opportunities from professional speakers and industry experts.

These open-to-all interactive sessions are included with your registration.

  • Royce Allen

    Marketplace Speaker

    Royce Allen, speaker and influencer, is leading conversations in the consulting and delivery of innovative and high impact cybersecurity, information technology, security, operational technology, internet of things, and Diversity, Equity and Inclusion, Women Empowerment and Military Career Transition. Royce is known for providing secure architecture, policy, compliance, services. She has been instrumental in establishing several organizations that lead the way in developing cyber analytics for analyzing large volumes of cyber data. She continues to use and adopt innovated methodologies like blockchain, Artificial Intelligence, and virtual reality in healthcare industry. Her diverse technical and security expertise has afforded her the recognition as one of the Top 100 IT professionals in Federal IT and as an Influencer for the government.

    Prior to joining the Department, Royce Allen served as Chief, Office of Oversight and Compliance for the National Security Agency, Information Assurance (IA) Directorate (IAD) and Cybersecurity (CS) programs.

    Royce has been speaking and leading organizations for over 15 years on several technologies and cybersecurity on topics like Zero Trust Architecture, Cloud, machine learning, big data, cyber analytics, analysis, enterprise architecture, security engineering, and system authorization. She led a development team that produced over 100s of analytics capabilities and tools using cloud and traditional technologies. These tools enabled cyber missions and countered threats throughout federal agencies.

    Royce Allen, holds a Masters in Security and Organizational Management, Webster University, St Louis, MO and Bachelors of Science, Networking and Information Systems, Strayer University, Alexandria, VA.

  • Josiah Brown

    Marketplace Speaker

    Josiah Brown is the former Chair of the New York State Tourism Industry Association and current President/CEO of Famous Destination Marketing. He is a rural destination and branding expert and is a frequent speaker in tourism and destination marketing.

    Josiah, or The New York Sherpa, as he is called in the New York tourism industry, has logged over 800,000 driving miles throughout New York State and 46 states over the last 20 years.

    As the founder of “New York’s Best Experiences” brand, travel guide and mobile visitors center he is uniquely positioned as both a consultant and a destination marketer to consumers.

    His life goal is to always be “Inspiring People Forward”. Find out more at TheNewYorkSherpa.com

  • Roger Grannis

    Marketplace Speaker

    Roger Grannis is a sales communications expert and professional speaker. For more than 30 years, Roger has helped organizations of all sizes increase revenue, improve client satisfaction, and launch new programs with great success.

    Audiences everywhere say he’s engaging, funny, relatable, and informative.

    Before founding GrannisGroup, in 2004, Roger spent seventeen years at Gartner, the world’s leading technology advisory firm. During his tenure, he built the firm’s Sales Training Academy, helping grow revenues from $32 million to $850 million.

    Roger is a TEDx speaker, the past president of the New England chapter of the National Speakers Association, and author of the book, The Yellow Cake Principle: Your Recipe for Influence and Success.

  • Dan Irvin

    Marketplace Speaker

    Dan Irvin is a high-energy, fun-loving leader, consultant,
    motivator, and public speaker whose valuable insights and
    relatable stories of success and passion consistently set up
    entrepreneurs and employees across the nation for personal and
    professional growth.

    As a former CEO and COO, Dan helps leaders remove
    distractions so that they can lead intentional, fulfilled, and
    meaningful lives. His popular presentations and trainings offer
    structure, fun, and best practices that are both thought-provoking
    and buck the age-old mentality of “this is how it’s always been
    done.” Too often, we become uber-focused on “being busy” and
    ultimately lose sight of our goals. Dan’s thoughts and ideas get
    you back on track.

    Dan’s message will have you laugh and cheer, and his personality
    will convince you to stop taking life so seriously. His fanbase is
    growing, but his biggest fans continue to be his wife and three

    For more information, visit danirvin.com .

  • Kathi Kulesza

    Marketplace Speaker

    Kathi Kulesza is not just a seasoned professional in the hospitality sector; she's your guide to transformative leadership in the travel and motorcoach industries. With a career spanning management to executive roles at industry leaders like MGM Resorts International, Wyndham International, and Hyatt, Kathi has honed the art of effective leadership through human connection and team cohesion. Her sessions are more than just breakouts; they are actionable blueprints for success, tailored to the unique challenges and opportunities of your industry. Whether it's mastering the art of persuasive communication or becoming an effective 'Sounding Board' for your team, Kathi's insights offer immediate, real-world applications. Attend one of her sessions at the ABA's Marketplace 2024, and you won't just walk away with knowledge—you'll leave with a new set of skills, ready to elevate your leadership and make a lasting impact in your organization.

  • David McBee

    Marketplace Speaker

    David McBee is an accomplished keynote speaker and digital marketing trainer. In 2008, David was appointed one of Google’s inaugural Certified AdWords Trainers, solidifying his transition from yellow pages advertising to his true passion in digital marketing. Throughout his journey, he has assisted numerous business owners in areas such as SEO, paid search, social media, targeted display, and connected TV.

    David serves as the executive producer and host of Simpli.fi TV, a captivating online web series and podcast for agencies and marketers. He also spearheads The Simpli.fi Webinar Series, providing timely industry news, tech launches, and in-depth training on programmatic advertising, targeted promotions, geo-fencing, and connected TV.

    In addition to his professional achievements, David is also the author of the popular children’s book series, DJ’s Off-Road Adventures. His passions extend beyond marketing, as he actively pursues interests in reading, self-improvement, health, and outdoor activities, all while cherishing quality time with his family.

  • Tahra Millan

    Marketplace Speaker

    Tahra Millan is an accomplished behavior change strategist and marketer, renowned for her ability to curate and execute transformational campaigns, programs, events, and teams for experience-based brands. With over two decades of experience driving change and innovation for commercial theatrical entertainment and not-for-profit cultural arts, Tahra has earned a reputation for excellence and impact.

    Throughout her career, Tahra has collaborated with some of the most prestigious arts brands and organizations, including Blue Man Group, the American Theatre Wing's Tony Awards, and the Broadway League. Her expertise has been instrumental in shaping the direction and success of these organizations, allowing them to connect with audiences in new and meaningful ways.

    As a passionate advocate for arts business, Tahra has also shared her expertise with the next generation of leaders. She served as an adjunct professor at Columbia Business School, where she co-designed a course on arts and entertainment marketing, inspiring and guiding future professionals to make their own impact in the industry.

    In 2023, Tahra moved her work to a broader forum as an Executive Communications and Performance Coach where she travels globally speaking to professionals across industries on communication skills and architecting a high-performance lifestyle.  Her specialization in providing one-on-one coaching and bespoke workshops empowers professionals to achieve their full potential and reach their career objectives.

    Tahra holds a B.F.A. in Drama from Tisch School of the Arts at New York University and an M.A. from the Program in Arts Administration at Teachers College, Columbia University. Tahra brings a unique combination of skills in mind body alignment, creative living, and mindfulness practice to her work. She resides in the metro New York area. Visit tahramillan.com to connect.

  • Doug Motel

    Marketplace Speaker

    Doug Motel, from Atlantic City, NJ (nicknaked "The World's Famous Playground"), is a dedicated advocate for small and tourism-based businesses. With his multifaceted expertise spanning art, acting, music, writing, and technology, he's innovatively bridged the gap between creativity and commerce and coaches business owners on how they can do it too. As a software inventor, Doug has developed applications tailored to boost the visibility and efficiency of local entrepreneurs, especially those in destination marketing. His public speaking engagements, enriched by tales of personal growth and creativity, have equipped business owners with tools and strategies for success. As the author of 101 Marketing Tips for Tourism, his contributions have made a tangible impact, embodying his belief in laughing, learning, and uplifting others in their entrepreneurial journeys.

  • Dr. Greg Nelson

    Marketplace Speaker

    Dr. Greg Nelson is a professional speaker, coach, professional musician, and author of “The Strategic Stop” – a guide to creating purposeful pauses for reflection and connection in our “always-on” society. He is recognized as an expert on leadership culture transformation innovatively illustrated with words and music and has an earned doctorate in personal and organizational effectiveness. He has worked with high-profile companies and organizations such as Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, Fitbit, Amazon, Walmart, Lyft,  American Express, Sutter Health, and Golden Gate University. He also consults with nonprofit organizations that are striving to stay relevant. He has delivered thousands of talks in his former career as a pastor and then as a full-time corporate keynote speaker and coach, to both small audiences and those in the thousands.

  • Jonathan Stanley

    Marketplace Speaker

    Jonathan Stanley is an award-winning executive and brand marketing leader with a proven track record of driving substantial business growth through innovative strategies. With a focus on purpose-driven leadership, Jonathan has successfully cultivated uniquely positioned brands, empowered global teams, and implemented cross-functional solutions. His expertise spans product development, strategic planning, and customer-centric initiatives. Jonathan's visionary approach, combined with his ability to leverage consumer insights and data, has consistently delivered exceptional outcomes. With a passion for creating outstanding guest experiences, he is dedicated to making a lasting impact on the industry.

  • Jeff Tobe

    Marketplace Speaker

    Certified Speaking Professional, Jeff Tobe’s credentials are impressive.  Insider Magazine dubbed him “The Guru of EmployeeExperience”. He is a creativity and employee experience trainer, professional speaker and bestselling author who works with companies and organizations who want to retain great talent.    Jeff Tobe’s most requested VIRTUAL or LIVE programs focus on CREATIVITY/INNOVATION, EMPLOYEE EXPERIENCE and EMPLOYEE ENGAGEMENT.  His high-energy, high-fun and high-content programs create the ideal presentation for any kind of corporate or educational forum.    Jeff’s is the author of the hugely popular book, Coloring Outside The Lines. He is the co-author of three other books. Jeff lives with his wife Judy in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania.

  • Wade Younger

    Marketplace Speaker

    TEDx speaker, Wade Younger is recognized as one of the foremost authorities on organizational development and process improvement through innovative thinking. He is the author of numerous books and insight publications, CEO of The Value Wave, Managing Partner at Armstrong Wolfe Advisory, and Guest Lecturer at Cornell University.

    Wade has delivered more than 2,000 keynotes around the world addressing audiences of all sizes. His stories are hypnotic. His methods are about results.

    As a technology solutionist, disruption strategist and innovation expert, Wade has developed solutions, managed their implementation, designed methodologies and executed enterprise deployment plans for many of the leading organizations of our time. Wade uses his experience as a certified IT project manager (PMP) and certified scrum master (CSM) to lead challenging projects.

    As an acclaimed consultant and trusted advisor, Wade is known for his approaches to difficult leadership issues.

    Often known as “Coach,” Wade has encouraged others to become masters of their destiny through the art of achievement and innovative thinking. Corporations and participants in his sessions have generated millions of dollars in sales and counting because of his mastery of motivation and his vast business expertise.

    Wade is currently working on his new book Think About What You Think About.