Sponsor Virtual Exhibit Booth Benefit

Basic Booth Information

  • You can choose your booth from 7 design options.
  • Go ahead now and review the different files and types you need for images A-F on the various booth designs.  The sizes and file types are listed inside each image box.
  • Select the booth that best matches your marketing materials and images needed. Please note that the number of video and image elements are not able to be added or removed from a specific booth design.  (i.e. If the booth has 2 video locations, you must have 2 videos to use that booth.) You you need to replace an image or video once it is uploaded, select “Delete Exhibit Booth”. Then select the image or video to delete. Then you are able to upload a new one.
  • Log into your Passport on Monday, May 3rd at noon to begin set up of your complimentary booth. Click on the Exhibit Floor Booth link on the left-hand menu. You will have two weeks to finalize your booth before the exhibit floor opens on May 17.
  • You will also be able to upload PDFs, PowerPoint presentations and images in the resource area of your virtual booth.
  • You also have a chat feature available, and we encourage you to set up individual appointments in your exhibit booth.
  • The exhibit floor will be available to all registered delegates 24/7. The exhibit floor will open on May 17th and will close on June 25th. 
  • Many have asked about the ability to draw names and provide giveaways from your booth. Use the Excel download found on the Booth Visitors link on your Passport.

Virtual Booth Design Options