New in 2021

ABA’s Marketplace 2021 is an opportunity to actively participate in the business building activities that have been proven over the years.  But the world is changing and so is Marketplace.  Our changes are designed to provide a safe environment and value-add options for all members of the industry.


COVID-19 Safety Protocols

ABA is actively engaging in conversations, implementing current standards and procedures, and following COVID-19 protocols throughout all interactions and event activities.  From registration to meal functions…from business floor booths to social functions, ABA is committed to your safety as we get back to business.

ABA has not announced the exact safety measures that we will be following since the protocols are evolving daily.  However, ABA is committed to providing a safe place to conduct business and is regularly working with the city, convention center and hotel professionals to address each safety area.  Safety at Marketplace is our top priority.  We will put out specific guidance as we get closer to the event so they reflect the current protocols established.

Visit Baltimore and the Baltimore Convention Center are taking big steps to ensure visitors feel safe and healthy in Charm City. Baltimore was one of the first cities to receive the Global Biorisk Advisory Council to support these efforts.

Learn about the GBAC STAR accreditation here:

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Convention Center Protocols

The Baltimore Convention Center, ABA, and all of our vendor partners are working in partnership to design and create safe spaces for you to conduct business, participate in education and build relationships.

Baltimore Convention Center COVID FAQs

Host Hotel Safety

ABA is working with our host hotels to ensure the safety of our members.


Marketplace OnDemand will launch in January and run until we meet face-to-face in Baltimore in June. This virtual component is included with your Marketplace registration and designed to ensure you have opportunities to enhance your ROI and visibility. 

Targeted Virtual Appointment Opportunities

ABA will be offering virtual appointments prior to Marketplace for targeted groups.

Exclusive Education

Pre-conference webinars, panels and other virtual learning experiences are focused on giving you critical job skills and industry information, resulting in a stronger motorcoach and group tour industry. 

Relevant Research

Using the same online profiles as Marketplace Live, Marketplace OnDemand allows you to identify the best prospects, and introduce you to new tour connections before you get to Baltimore.

Reconnect Events

Network and engage with others in fun, interactive and innovative ways.


Organizational Fee Instead of Individual Registration Costs for Sellers

Seller organizations will pay one fee ($1595 or $1695) for the following: one set of prescheduled onsite appointments, one appointment-taking delegate and unlimited attendees from your company, all with business floor access.

Appointment-taker Buyer Rebate

All appointment-taking Buyer delegates will be eligible for a $500 rebate post-Marketplace if they successfully complete the following: register by June 2, 2021, complete their Marketplace profile survey, request onsite appointments, participate in virtual appointments, stay at a host hotel and attend all prescheduled onsite appointments. 

Marketplace 2020 Pricing

Understanding the financial hardships in the industry, ABA is offering Marketplace 2020 registration and sponsorship rates for 2021.

Extended Recovery Rate

Early-bird (Recovery Rate) has been extended until February 5, 2021.

Flexible Cancellation Policy

We know that making long-term plans is difficult in this current world of uncertainty.  ABA is committed to protecting your investment.  You can cancel your registration, for any reason and with no penalty, by February 5, 2021. If you cancel your registration for any reason from February 6, 2021 through May 28, 2021 there will be a reduced cancellation fee of $250. If you cancel your registration for any reason from May 29, 2021 through June 9, 2021 there will be a 50% cancellation fee.


One-day Appointments

To allow for less time out of the office and less housing costs, all Sellers will have their prescheduled appointments on one day:

DMO/Receptive Operator/Charter Operators | Sunday AM/Sunday PM

Lodging, Attraction, Associate & Allied Association Sellers One Day Appointments | Monday AM/Monday PM or Tuesday AM/Tuesday PM

Marketplace Profiles for Research Databases

More specific profile questions have been developed from member feedback and will be a part of the online registration process.

Recommended Matches

Appointment-taking delegates will be able to click a button and see a list of recommended organizations based on pre-determined fields from the Marketplace profiles.

Virtual Appointments

ABA will be offering virtual appointments prior to Marketplace.  These appointments will be by invitation and in some cases, first come, first served.


Multiple Dedicated Networking Floor Time Daily

The Marketplace schedule has been rebuilt to include multiple Networking Floor opportunities daily.

Virtual Networking Floor Lounge

ABA will launch an online community board for discussions, best practices, and networking. 


Exclusive Content

Pre-Marketplace speaker education content will only be able through Marketplace OnDemand.  Pre-conference webinars, panels and other virtual learning experiences are focused on giving you critical job skills and industry information, resulting in a stronger motorcoach and group tour industry. 

Operator Only Education

Marketplace will launch a Morning Kick-Off program to include daily operator focused education with no other competing events.