Tour Operators at Marketplace

The Spotlight is on Tour Operators at ABA! It’s time for your company to take the stage! Headliners for your company include:

Amplify Your Sales

The Marketplace business appointment sessions provide you with the opportunity to meet one-on-one with the latest and greatest in tour products for your customer. Check out this checklist of requested information:

  • A minimum supply of 300 business cards.
  • A minimum supply of 200 profile sheets.
  • Understand your company’s product positioning and customer base.
  • Be knowledgeable about your business mix and the types of tours operated, e.g., retail, pre-formed student, adult, and special interest.
  • Bring an example of catalogue itineraries, promotional flyers, etc.
  • Define your goals for attending Marketplace.
  • Know the future business opportunities under consideration, e.g., new destinations, new market segments, special interest tours.
  • Be knowledgeable about your tour production for each destination served and the attractions, restaurants, lodging and receptive services used in the tour program.
  • Have a listing of key company contacts for tour planning/purchasing and their responsibility, e.g., retail, charter, geographic regions.
  • Review your company’s profile information and know what information you need to bring back from Marketplace.
  • Review and update your company’s profile information online.
  • Be in your booth for appointments.
  • Attend Marketplace education seminars to assist in business and personal development and growth.
  • Be prepared for appointments that you did not request.
  • Remember to schedule your breaks during appointment scheduling.
  • When at Marketplace, use your breaks to take a walk, go to the restroom or grab a snack. Just be sure to place your Official Break card on your table when you leave.

Marketplace Prep

Marketplace compiles marketing information on each Buyer and Seller company and provides access to this searchable information and recommended matches through our research databases. You will be able to complete a membership and Marketplace online profile as well as upload videos, images and documents to highlight you tour products.

After conducting research, Tour Operator Buyers are able to make appointment requests where they select Sellers they want to meet with during the one-to-one appointments. You will be able to make 75 requests of DMOs/Receptives/Charter Operators, 75 requests of Hoteliers and 75 requests of Attractions/Associates/Allied Associations.

At Marketplace

Tour Operator Buyer Appointments are all day on Sunday, January 13, Monday, January 14 and Tuesday, January 16. As the Buyer, you will be seated and Sellers to come to your booth based on the schedule you receive on December 15. Learn more about the appointment process here. Remember to pack plenty of business cards and profile sheets!


Relationship building and booked business continues after Marketplace with your follow up.

Rock Your Professional Network

Turn conversations into business relationships at events designed to bring together Buyers and Sellers. These include evening events, networking receptions, tours, all-delegate lunches and one dynamic exhibit floor. Your all-access pass is included with your registration.

Engage in Instrumental Education

ABA 2024 education topics will include something for everyone’s jam! Select from hot topics that with improve your business from 50+ options. No advance sign-up required for delegates and they are FREE to attend!

Hitting the Right Note

Marketplace 2023 delivered on putting delegates in contact with the key Buyers in the industry.

Marketplace 2023 Statistics:

  • Number of Operators at Marketplace and Busworld: 876
  • Number of Marketplace Buyers/Operators: 360
  • Number of Appointment-Taking Buyers: 213
  • Number of Suppliers: 1097
  • Total Number of Delegates Checked-In: 2618
  • Total Number of Delegates Registered: 3019

Number of Buyer Companies at Marketplace 2023 purchasing the Following Types of Products:

Customer Demographics Served
Student/Youth: 157
Adults: 195
Baby Boomers: 172
Seniors: 189

Tour Destinations
Northeast: 165
The South: 183
Midwest: 163
The West: 132
Canada: 110
International: 59

Types of Tour Products Interested In
DMOs/CVB: 130
Attractions: 181
Food Service: 139
Hotels: 137
Receptives Operators: 87
Sightseeing/Step/Tour Guides: 154
Charter Operator: 95

Niche Groups Served
Adventure/Outdoor: 71
Associations: 122
Bank Groups: 95
Corporations: 121
Culinary: 45
Families: 117
Fraternal: 61
Meeting Planners: 83
Military: 98
Performance or Performing Groups: 98
Pet Owners: 20
Religious: 122
Social: 127
Sports Teams: 109

Cue the Music

Are you ready for your backstage access to business success? Marketplace hits all of the right notes for your business.