Sponsorship Sales



ABA’s Marketplace sponsorship program is tailor-made to give your organization the right access to hundreds of bus and tour owners and operators throughout North America who plan tours for millions of passengers each year.

The motorcoach and group travel market continues to evolve and expand.  This offers members in the industry new and exciting ways to build their businesses.

  • One overnight visit is worth up to $25,000  to a destination including meals, lodging entertainment and shopping.
  • The motorcoach industry directly supports nearly 800,000 U.S. tourism jobs.
  • 33,400 vehicles in the industry drive the economy and demands for goods and services.
  • Motorcoach travel and tourist demand generates more than $55 billion annually in economic transactions.

Download the ABA Marketplace Sponsorship Brochure.


Email sponsorships@buses.org for more information


All ABA members are eligible to sponsor at ABA’s Marketplace.  Principal, Champion & Contributor Level Sponsors receive the benefit of exhibit space.

Sponsorship Opportunities

Listed below are the specific sponsorship opportunities:

All-Delegate Lunch-$100,000

All-Delegate Lunch- $50,000

Operator Breakfast

Business Floor Refreshments

Convention Center Wifi

Operator Booth Signs

Super Floor Lounge

Business Floor Charging Stations

Marketplace Year-Round Webinar Series

Orientation STAR Program

Resource Central Service Center & Marketplace Passport

Official Program Advertising

Operator Appointment Booklet Advertising

Operator Shipping Boxes

Operator STAR Floor Stickers

Directory of Participants Advertising

Floor Lounge

Hotel Key Cards

Networking Floor Reception

Registration Bags

7-Minute Stretch

Appointment Clock Logo

Badge Holders

Business Floor Recovery Station

Daily Education Refreshments

Education Bites

Education Bites Ear Buds

Education Speaker

Marketplace App Logo

Operator Chair Pads

Operator Mailbox Folders

Operator Profile Binder

Restroom Branding

Social Media Wall

Operator Booth Gift-Supplies