ABA Gives Back

House of Shine, located in Grapevine, Texas welcomes you to the 2022 ABA Marketplace! 

House of Shine is proud to be recognized as this year’s ABA Gives Back nonprofit organization.  We are looking forward to meeting you and sharing our SHINE story!

Who are we?

House of Shine is a nonprofit dedicated to the study of you. Our mission is to grow confident and self-aware leaders, ages 5 to 95, to make meaningful contributions in their corner of the world. Our engaging exhibits, K through 12 curriculum, and self-discovery programs help you unearth your SHINE. We are all designed to make a contribution. What’s yours?

What does SHINE mean? 

The SHINE Framework is a five-part method for tapping into your talents and gifts, using the five letters of the word “shine.” S = Strengths, H= Hobbies, I= Interests & Irritants, and N= Needs and E= Experiences. We teach people how to discover their SHINE when they visit our museum, come to our self-discovery workshops, and plug into our community.

Visit House of Shine to learn more about our programs and discover your SHINE!